Chad has created a comprehensive set of video lectures (with outlines) covering two semesters of General Chemistry.

-A great review for those taking general chemistry in college or high school.

-A great review for those studying for the ACS exam.

-A great review for those studying for the AP exam.

-A great review for those preparing for the GRE subject test.

Chapter 0 - Outlines

Chapter 1 - Matter and Measurement

Chapter 2 - Atoms, Molecules, and Ions

Chapter 3 - Stoichiometry

Chapter 4 - Solutions and Aqueous Reactions

Chapter 5 - Thermochemistry

Chapter 6 - Electronic Structure

Chapter 7 - Periodic Properties of the Elements

Chapter 8 - Bonding and Lewis Structures

Chapter 9 - Molecular Geometry

Chapter 10 -- Gases

Chapter 11 - Intermolecular Forces, Liquids, and Solids

Chapter 12 - Solutions and Colligative Properties

This section does not have any lessons.

Chapter 13 -- Chemical Kinetics

Chapter 14 - Chemical Equilibrium

Chapter 15 - Acid-Base Equilibria

Chapter 16 - Solubility Equilibria

Chapter 17 - Thermodynamics

Chapter 18 - Electrochemistry

Chapter 19 - Nuclear Chemistry

What Others Have Said

Life Savor!!
By: Olivia Bible

These videos are sooooo amazing!! They are 100% saving my chemistry grade and I plan on using them for all my chemistry classes! Thank you SO much!

Is there a specific course to prep for DAT?
By: tri pham

Prep course for DAT?

Life Saver
By: ezinne abah

Literally doing well in my Chem classes because of these videos!

By: Daniela Vilanova

excellent videos to prepare for the DAT. Thank You!!

By: David

With these videos I feel like going to my chemistry class is a waste of time. You are so clear and concise with your explanations. You are saving my chemistry grade. Thank You! I look forward to using you for Organic Chemistry and the DAT this summer.