Chad, you are literally the best orgo teacher. Because of these videos, I am doing well in my orgo class and because of you, I got an A in my gen chem 2 course. I wouldn’t have passed gen chem if these videos did not exist. Thank you for putting in time and effort into these videos because they are my lifesaver!
Bela P
Chad’s videos helped me significantly improve my grade in Organic Chemistry. His videos are clear and thorough, and even interesting! Highly recommend it to anyone needing extra help understanding the material.
Myrna C
Two weeks of confusion in Orgo class and then one 20 minute video from Chad and the lightbulb goes off!!! With one week left till my first Orgo exam… I love you Chad! I should have watched you sooner. Btw, I used you to study for my Gen Chem cumulative final (which was based on the ACS exam) and scored 203 out of a 200 point exam!
Stacia B
Awesome instruction and tips. I appreciate this. I actually have a much easier time understanding concepts described by Chad as compared to my lecture teacher in class. Overall, a pleasure learning from Chad. Thank you!
Mark B


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